Co-Creating Your Success

Two Decades of Delighting Clients

Feedback Market Research is a full-service research agency with a proven track record of quality work in the MENA region.

With offices across UAE, KSA & Egypt, we have been delighting clients since 2001. We believe in delivering high-quality work with data collected via our own operations teams across the markets and experienced research team that ensures clients derive maximum value from the research.

What we do?

We undertake both Quantitative and Qualitative projects and have a very capable in-house field, Quality Control, and Data Processing infrastructure. Our Qualitative team is very insights-driven with in-house moderators who have thorough knowledge of local culture and dialect which helps in better insight generation and value for our clients.

How we help our clients

We regularly conduct market research studies with various Government and Non-Government clients in the MENA region and also have regular clients from US, Europe and APAC regions. We conduct studies such as Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction, Mystery Shopper, Brand Health Studies, Concept tests, Campaign evaluations, Ethnographies using various methodologies such as Face to Face interviewing, Telephonic interviewing, Mobile interviewing, Focus Group Discussions, In-depth interviews, as well as provide customized solutions that may be relevant to the client.

Our sectoral expertise spans Telecom, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Banking, Media, Government, Utilities among others.

We are also partnering with other global tech-support partners and introducing technology-based research solutions for our clients.

We cherish our long-standing partnerships with esteemed clients and look forward to building the same with you.

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Feedback Team

A multinational team rooted in the Middle East region with years of regional & international experience working with you to address all your research requirements and adding value at each stage of the journey.


Sherif Omar is the founder of Feedback Market Research. Sherif started his career with an advertising agency in Egypt during which he gained rich exposure to aspects such as copywriting, media planning and media buying. After a long stint in advertising, Sherif entered into the exciting field of marketing research and worked with some of the leading research agencies
Senior Research Director


Rajesh has over 22 years of experience across South Asia, Middle East, and Africa with leading market research agencies. In 2005, Rajesh moved to UAE where over the years he has worked across a range of industries including but not limited to FMCG, Financial Services, Automotive & Durables. His passion is to bring out actionable insights from across data sources and see it through to execution and wins in the market for his clients.

Research Director


Mohamed Ismail has more than 12 years of experience in the market research industry across the Gulf Region. His experience spans through different positions and various roles conducting projects across multi sectors the FMCG, Durables, Media, Financial Services, Government services, IT and Telecom industries.

Research Director


Natasha leads the qualitative unit and has over 15 years of experience. She has worked with leading agencies in India and in the UAE prior to joining Feedback. Her experience spans a wide array of qualitative studies covering a wide range of sectors and categories that include education, automotive FMCG, banking, hospitality, real estate, healthcare and pharma, tobacco and others.
Research Director

Sarif Khan

Sarif leads the International Business unit in Feedback and has over 14 years of experience with 9 years’ experience in Middle East.
He has successfully managed international clients (including market research, consultancies & advertising agencies) across markets covering a wide range of sectors and categories that include Healthcare, Education, Automotive FMCG, Banking, Hospitality, Real Estate and others.

Research Director

Kishor Pathak

Raj has more than 14 years of experience in conducting Quantitative & Qualitative research with 5 years’ experience in Middle East. He has managed several strategic projects across markets and his Category experience spans Automotive, Banking, Retail, Education, Financial, Healthcare, B2B, Telecom, Tourism, Social Media & Service industries.

Marketing Head


Experienced Sales & Marketing specialist who consistently deliver high quality and results-focused. Zeina has more than 8 years of experience of working in well-known multinational companies in the Middle East within different industries including Telecom, Pharmaceutical & Banking. Passionate about understanding the customer with good knowledge of statistics.