The current state of the Egyptian education market growth

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Our market research shows that The current state of the Egyptian education market growth economy and population accompanied by a higher percentage of entrants to the education system in the country has generated a huge growing demand for educational facilities in the country, and with the public education system in Egypt unable to accommodate this huge flow of students, the private education market is seeing substantial growth and is expected to keep growing in this decade.

The government has responded by starting a program to overhaul the pre-university education system in the country and opened the door for international universities which have changed the landscape of the education market in Egypt.

Structure and egypt education statistics

Egypt’s education statistics show that the country has the most extensive education system in the middle east. There are more than 60,000 schools in Egypt, only 7,000 of which are private schools. These private schools accommodated more than 2 million students in 2017.

The share of enrollments at private schools in Egypt has been steadily growing from 2004 to 2017 as the number has grown from 4.5% to 6.6% at the preparatory level alone.

Private schools are expensive when compared with the average household income in Egypt and so are mostly attended by children from affluent households. The depreciation of the Egyptian pounds in recent years has led to the tuition fees skyrocketing despite the limits put by the government on increases in tuition fees.

Higher education in Egypt is provided by the university and non-university institutions – and there are both public and private offerings in both sections.


The current state of the Egyptian education market growth The Egyptian constitution grants all Egyptian children access to both public pre-university and undergraduate education. This means that more than 600,000 students enter the system every year.

The constitution also mandates public spending of at least 4% of GDP on the education sector, which has been steadily declining till it reached only 2.6% in 2017/2018.

With that being said, it’s estimated that the reform project planned by the Egyptian Ministry of Education will cost around $2bn.

International Schools and education system in Egypt

Despite the spike in the tuition fees of the international schools in Egypt following the depreciation for the Egyptian pound, there is still much demand for international schools in the country.

GEMS Education, the largest private school provider in the UAE, has since entered an agreement with Talaat Moustafa Group, the largest local construction company in Egypt, to acquire a portfolio of schools in Egypt. The investment is estimated at $56.2m and will be financed by EFG Hermes, Egypt’s largest investment bank.

The first phase of the project will focus on the acquisition of schools within Cairo and Alexandria – the second largest city in Egypt – to build new capacity and improve the quality and offering of education.

Great Potential for the Private Higher Education Sector

A law was approved in 2018 by the parliament that permits the establishment of foreign universities in the country. The average annual cost of private university education in Egypt ranges between $1,010 an $4,030, and with the introduction of international universities in Egypt, the competition in the education market is expected to grow leading to a reduction in costs and improvements in the quality of the education.

The first international campus was opened in Egypt by the University of Canada in eastern Cairo in July 2018 and commenced its first academic year the following September. The tuition fees started at $13,100. 2020 will see the construction of the branches of an additional six international universities, which goes to show that there is plenty of potential in the private higher education sector.

education system in the Egyptian and constitution

Article 19 of the Egyptian constitution states that “education is a right for every citizen, whose goal is to build the Egyptian personality, preserve the national identity, establish the scientific method in thinking, develop talents, encourage innovation, consolidate civilizational and spiritual values, and establish concepts of citizenship, tolerance and non-discrimination

The state is committed to observing its goals in the educational curricula and methods, and providing it in accordance with international quality standards, education is compulsory until the end of the secondary stage or its equivalent, and the state guarantees its free stages in various educational institutions in the state, in accordance with the law

The state is committed to allocating a percentage of government spending for education of no less than 4% of the gross national product, which will gradually increase to conform to the international rates. The state supervises it to ensure that all public and private schools and institutes adhere to their educational policies. ”

23 million students in pre-university education

The recent academic year witnessed an increase in the number of pupils in pre-university education levels, to reach 25 million students, while the total number of teachers for those levels of education “pre-university education” reached 1.19 million teachers.

The themes of education development strategy

The education development strategy is divided into four axes: developing the education system, modifying the high school system, opening Japanese schools, and technology schools for technical education

First: Developing the education system in egypt

The state is concerned with developing the educational system through developing curricula and teaching method as follows:

In the kindergarten stage: The new system in kindergarten is summed up in completely new curricula and an innovative teaching method. These curricula aim for the child to become accustomed from childhood to abolishing from his memory the philosophy of memorization and memorization, and to be an innovative personality, an ambitious thinker

Examinations in the first and second grades have been canceled, and they have been replaced by applications that measure students ’abilities, in addition to providing digital curricula for grades from the second to the third preparatory levels.

As for the fourth to sixth grades, the exams will not affect the success or failure of the student, but rather aim to measure the level of academic achievement of each student without grades, but with estimates “(Excellent – very good – good – acceptable – weak)

Scientific subjects in English

The study will be in the Arabic language from kindergarten through the end of the primary stage, which applies to government and experimental schools,

As for the preparatory stage, the student studies science and mathematics in the English language. The application of this system to experimental schools that teach languages ​​is postponed until next year, to allow parents to choose the appropriate school for their children.

Digital curricula and interactive enrichment materials have been purchased, in order to purify the curricula from unhelpful increases, and the fundamental change in the education system is to change the way students ‘skills are measured and absorbed, and the form of exam questions will change to reveal students’ understanding and understanding of educational curricula, not memorization and instruction.

Second – Amending the high school system

The current state of the Egyptian education market growth The country has announced the gradual start of a plan to digitize educational curricula, by starting to distribute one million educational tablets to first secondary school students as a pilot plan starting from the academic year 2018/2019, and the devices have been distributed for free to government school students

The state announced that it would amend the high school system so that the evaluation would be over three years, through a number of exams taken by the student over the three years

The cumulative total is calculated on the basis of higher grades in progressive proportions, ensuring students attend and take all exams

The finished materials system will also be canceled, as the study in all subjects will be extended throughout the year. He also announced the abolition of the “Science – Sport” division within the Scientific Division, so that the division into two divisions becomes only “scientific – literary”.

  • 12 exams in 3 years and education market growth

The current state of the Egyptian education market growth The amendment of the high school system will be completely completed in 2020-2021, starting with the first secondary grade.

The high school curricula will remain as they are, and there will be no change except in the evaluation method and exams, as the student will perform 12 exams in 3 years, from which the best 4 exams will be chosen in terms of the degrees obtained, which provides more than one opportunity for compensation.

The exams in the new system depend on thought, analysis, and creativity to measure the student’s intellectual and cognitive skills. The exams will not be national at the republic level, but each school has to test its students at the appropriate time to prevent fraud and diversion.

Third: Egyptian Japanese schools

Egyptian Japanese schools seek to apply the Japanese model of educational activities “Tokatsu”, and this word refers to the concept of comprehensive development of the child in all aspects, which focuses on building the child’s personality represented in his behaviors, skills, values ​​and directions in the same degree of importance to develop his knowledge, information and mental skills,

The current state of the Egyptian education market growth Then he created a balanced, productive citizen who cherished himself, and performed his roles in society for his personal benefit and for the benefit of society as a whole alike, and this is achieved through a set of activities related to life skills that are included in daily practices within the school.

Work began in the Egyptian Japanese schools with 35 schools, starting from the academic year 2018/2019, in addition to 7 schools that will enter the service for the new school year 2019-2020. Education will switch to English from the New Year.

Fourth – Technology schools

Technical education and vocational training in the future strategy “Egypt’s Vision 2030” occupies a large area within the social goals axis, including defining strategic goals for technical education and training, and this strategy targets technical education students and business owners, and occupies the technical education system in the developed world,

And in the fast growing economies a great place, and the importance of technical education is due to it being one of the most important mechanisms of the state in facing unemployment, achieving social justice, and increasing the competitiveness of the economy, and the name of new technical education schools (dual education system) has been changed to become applied technology schools where the student gets Applied technology certification system three years.

Applied technology schools rely on a tripartite agreement between the Ministry of Education, the private sector and a foreign partner to adopt methods for assessing students and certificates in order to build the capabilities and skills of the new generation of innovators, in pursuit of a knowledge-based economy.

New system for enrollment in technology schools

The current state of the Egyptian education market growth There are 55% of preparatory certificate graduates in the 1300 technical education schools nationwide, and the new technical education system includes a year of preparation for pre-school students, to qualify them linguistically, educationally and skillfully, after obtaining a certificate of completion of basic education

The applied technology schools focus on students ’education, economics and entrepreneurship, as well as taking care of the practical side of project service in order to produce a good citizen, an advanced professional, processions of modern technology, who respects the other and can communicate well with the external community, in line with the local and global labor market

The “competencies” acquisition system and education system in egypt

The current state of the Egyptian education market growth All technical education curricula will be changed to the system of “competencies” acquisition within the next few years, and the competencies consist of vocational and technical skills accompanied by modern knowledge, behaviors and orientations by the technician who is prepared according to this system, through advanced technical education of a global quality level until Human resources are utilized, and a new generation is able to make a difference.

And also changing the system and form of evaluation for exams, to become based on understanding, not memorization and indoctrination, as the new applied technology schools transfer technical education a civilized shift and improve its image within society

The ratio of students to teachers varies greatly between the general and technical secondary levels, as this ratio is 16 students for each teacher of general secondary education, compared to 22 students,

For each teacher in hotel technical education, 17 students for each teacher in commercial education, and 15 students for each teacher in agricultural education, and this percentage drops to 9 students per teacher in industrial technical education


The Egyptian state realizes that the development of education has become an imperative to achieve sustainable development, and the President has declared that building the Egyptian person is one of the top priorities of the state, and that it must be built on a comprehensive basis that is integrated physically, mentally, and culturally.

The state has started to develop education, as it represents the second wing of the Egyptian human building system, which is based on the advancement of the education and health systems, because they are extremely important in keeping the Egyptian society strong and coherent.

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