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UAE hotel industry statistics According to the latest statistics issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, there are 145 four-star hotels out of a total of 716 operating hotels in Dubai, and the number of available rooms reached 30,125 rooms for the classification of four-star hotels.

In a related matter, four-star hotels represent 26% of the total market share, as it contributed to the generation of an occupancy rate of 86% in the medium-sized segment.

The hotel strategy is in line with the UAE’s vision to strengthen the hospitality sector, which plays a crucial role in supporting the national economy. ”

The “Family Friendly” packages were launched during the Arab Travel Market activities designed for families from the Middle East and international markets, to give them an experience of authentic hospitality with modern amenities.

The new family package allows GCC guests and guests from all over the world to spend relaxing times and benefit from an exclusive two-night stay that includes a free daily breakfast filled with a wide range of healthy organic foods from the newly opened Baker & Spice plant famous for its dishes and contents coming from farms Membership.

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Official statistics have confirmed the recovery experienced by the tourism sector in the UAE during the past years, as millions of people from different parts of the world visited the country on various occasions, most notably the Christmas holidays.

According to statistics, the total revenues of hotel rooms in the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the most famous among the regions of the country, amounted to 16.12 billion dirhams during the past year, compared to 16.8 billion dirhams at the end of 2018.

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According to the latest statistics, based on official data issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, the total revenues of hotel rooms in the Emirate amounted to 10.66 billion dirhams during 2019.

The data indicated that the number of hotel nights during the period from January to last December reached 30.13 million nights compared to 29.21 million nights in 2018.

The data pointed out that the average return on the room in the emirate during that period reached about 354 dirhams, compared to 383 dirhams in 2018.

The data showed that the average room rate during the past year reached 465 dirhams, and indicated that the average stay of a visitor in Dubai during the trip is 3.5 nights.

From the beginning of 2019 until the end of last December, the emirate received 15.92 million visitors, compared to 15.79 million visitors in 2018.

According to the statistic, during the 12 months of 2018, India ranked first on that list with more than two million visitors compared to 2.073 million visitors in 2017.

20 million

During 2019, Dubai surpassed many international capitals in its investment attractiveness, especially in the hotel sector, where it recorded record levels and placed it in the ranks of the most important global markets in conjunction with high occupancy rates, which, according to estimates, reached more than 95% with the start of New Year’s holidays. Christmas. ”

Dubai is vigorously pursuing its main strategy of attracting 20 million visitors annually by 2020 from around 15 million international tourists and business travelers in 2017.

A previous report issued by The Economist said that there are some economic activities in the emirate on a date with a great recovery such as the aviation industry, infrastructure, retail, hotels and restaurants, with the expected increasing number of visitors during the year of the World Expo 2020.

 How many hotels in Dubai ?

Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing Department data indicated that the number of hotel establishments increased from 681 hotel establishments at the end of December 2017 to 706 establishments by the end of September 2018.

The number of new rooms, which entered the market since the beginning of the year until the end of September 2018, reached 4950 rooms, bringing the total hotel supply to 112,381 rooms and hotel apartments.

The 108-star hotels account for the largest share of hotel rooms, 33%, at 36,913 rooms.

According to the data, 141 4-star hotels account for 25% of the total number of rooms, at 28,679 rooms.

The number of medium hotels in the categories 1 – 3 stars to 261 hotels, providing about 22,498 rooms, while accounting for 20% of the total hotel supply.

And the 165 hotel apartments establishment, which provides 24,291 apartments, constitutes about 21% of the total hotel supply; it is distributed over 64 luxury apartment establishments with 9,837 apartments, in addition to 131 economic apartment establishments with 14,454 apartments.

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According to the official data issued by the data of the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, the total revenues of hotel rooms in the Emirate amounted to 5.5 billion dirhams in 2018.

The data showed that the average room rate during the past year reached 352 dirhams, and indicated that the average stay of a visitor in Abu Dhabi during the flight was 2.6 nights.

From the beginning of 2019 until the end of last December, the emirate welcomed 5.04 million visitors, compared to 4.85 million visitors in 2018.

hotels market research Expectations

It is expected that the capital will set new records during the coming years, especially after the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the reopening of the Al-Hosn site, which is expected to be an important attraction, along with many international events and programs that will be announced later.

A noticeable increase in demand from the Russian market is also likely in the year 2020, and family tourism in the emirate, especially the Gulf, is likely to stimulate due to the availability of family leisure facilities and events that attract them to the emirate, especially the Saudi market.

The latest hotel occupancy indicators issued by international institutions appeared, the hotel sector in the UAE recorded the highest occupancy rate during 2018 among tourist destinations in the Middle East, with an average of more than 80%, to come among the best global rates throughout the year, despite the large increase in the supply of rooms Hotel in the local market.

Workers in the country’s tourism sector have unanimously agreed on the sector’s ability to continue the growth momentum during 2020, despite the continuing challenges in external markets, sharp fluctuations in exchange rates, expectations of a global economic slowdown, and the impact of the “Brexit” on the movement coming from the British market, pointing out that the diversity of the ingredients The country’s tourism, and the great expansion of national carriers, have contributed to consolidating the country’s tourism position among the major global destinations.

macro environmental factors affecting hotel industry and Positive signs

There are positive indicators that support optimism to achieve positive performance during the new year, most notably the strong growth in the movement coming from the Chinese, Indian and Russian markets, as well as new markets that were reached through successful promotional campaigns, in addition to other facilities related to transit visa visas, and the exemption of nationals Many of the markets exporting to tourism obtain a pre-entry visa, in addition to other visas for investors, businessmen and retirees.

The large expansion in electronic reservations for tourist programs, hotels and aviation has become difficult to predict the performance of the sector for a long period of time, especially since the decisions of tourists from different markets are taken in the last moments, thanks to the ease of reservation and speed of access to the state through national and international carriers that run hundreds of trips per day To the country’s airports, in addition to the extensive facilities granted by the UAE in relation to visas that are taken upon arrival at the airport for many nationalities.

UAE hotel industry statistics Government measures and incentives approved by the government during 2018, which have contributed strongly to giving the tourism sector a strong push, especially with regard to the abolition of pre-visas for many important markets, as well as the long stays of investors and businessmen, reflecting the dynamic enjoyed by the tourism sector in the UAE, which It has become the first choice for tourists to the region, as it provides multiple tourism ingredients and options that meet the requirements of tourists from different markets and ages.

hotels market research and New markets

UAE hotel industry statistics With regard to the fluctuations in the main markets exporting tourists to the country, all global markets go through natural cycles of ups and downs, and it is natural that the tourist destinations are affected by the movement from the market that passes by certain conditions, but the most important is to search for an alternative that compensates for this decline This is something that the tourism circles in the country have succeeded in achieving, as they worked to open new markets that were not touched before, and the movement increased greatly from them, taking advantage of the direct link to aviation with these markets and the competitive advantages enjoyed by the UAE compared to other destinations.

The decline in demand from the British and German market and some other European markets was offset by the significant growth in inflows from China, Russia, India and South Korea, as well as some African markets that recorded record growth rates.

market research report on hotels and Overcome challenges

The tourism sector in the UAE succeeded during 2019 in overcoming the challenges faced by the exporting markets for tourists, especially the main markets, such as the British market, the movement coming from it was significantly affected due to the state of anticipation of the economic conditions that will follow Britain’s exit from the European Union.

The state of anticipation in the British market after the “Brexit” prompted many tourists to abandon the pre-travel planning programs, expecting that this situation will continue until the middle of next year after the visibility of the post-Brexit clarity.

The success of the tourism sector in the UAE in achieving positive growth in the number of tourists during 2019 is a major achievement, especially in light of the economic and geopolitical conditions that have affected many markets, which confirms the global standing that the UAE hotel industry statistics has as a preferred tourist destination for tourists from all over the world .

As for the great steps and efforts made by the tourism authorities and departments in the country to promote tourism in the UAE and their efforts to open new markets, especially from the Asian markets, which witness the figures of tourist traffic coming from high levels, especially the Chinese market.

In addition to the importance of focusing on the markets in which tourists enjoy high levels of spending during their tourist trips, in order to achieve added value to the tourism sector and the national economy in general, which is the Gulf market which is still one of the largest markets in spending.

The tourism sector in the country is going through a healthy situation that is enhanced by the attractiveness of the Emirates and the diversity of options available to tourists. Growth is still being achieved despite the challenges faced by foreign markets, thanks to the measures and decisions taken by the government to enhance the attractiveness of the state, such as canceling prior entry visas for many important markets such as China and Russia, as well as Indian tourists living in the United States of America.

UAE hotel industry statistics Expo 2020

The Director General of Alpha for Destination Management expected that this trend will continue to the first half of 2019 until the visibility of the British market after the activation of the “Brexit”, as well as for the global economy, whose indicators still reflect a state of uncertainty, indicating that the second half of 2019 will witness A strong and expected start, especially as the country approaches hosting Expo 2020 Dubai.

UAE hotel industry statistics The hospitality sector achieved a good performance during the year 2019, in light of the boom in the business and entertainment sectors in the United Arab Emirates, despite regional and global conditions, in addition to the number of new hotels that entered the hospitality market this year.

The main reason to support the performance of the hospitality sector in 2019 was the events and exhibitions organized by government agencies and the country’s tourism departments.

Rotana hotels in the country have noticed an increase in the rate of business travelers’ stay in the country this year, attributing the matter to the opening of new tourist and leisure destinations in the country such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi and others in Dubai, as they enter additional days for their trip to explore during their trip


UAE hotel industry statistics Thanks to the huge promotional efforts carried out by the various tourist circles, as well as the expansion of tourist attractions by opening many international parks and parks, we are expected to expect strong growth in the hospitality and tourism industry in 2020.

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